My Book on
Crystalline Glazing

My father and I have written the book, The Art of Crystalline Glazing: Basic Techniques.

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This 160-page, softcover, large-format (8¼" by 10¾"), full-color book gives detailed instructions on how to mix, apply, and fire the most popular crystalline glaze — the spectacular willimite-crystal glaze.

It was published by Krause Publications

In addition to 65 photographs of crystalline-glazed pieces and 60 photographs of additional samples of crystalline glazes (each with a full description of how it was produced), the book contains 22 "how-to" Exercises that step you through all of the procedures needed to produce these exciting glazes.

It includes 40 recipes for high-fire (cone 8 to 12) and 15 recipes for low-fire (cone 3 to 7) willemite-crystalline glazes, along with suggested firing schedules for each.

To enable to you to further enhance your understanding of these delightful glazes, we have included references to 70 other sources related to the topics we cover.

The primary audiences for this book are potters who are just starting to experiment with this fascinating glaze and those that have been wondering if they should try making it. As you will see from our detailed descriptions, it is much easier than you may have been told!

We believe that experienced crystalline-glaziers will also find many items, techniques, and hints of value.

In addition to the book I have made a 45-minute video, The Video Companion to The Art of Crystalline Glazing, that shows me performing the first 16 of the Exercises described in the book.To find out more about that DVD, go HERE .

The retail price of the book is $29.95. If you would like to purchase one, either go to your favorite ceramic supplier or you may order from my Etsy shop, where I sell it at a discount.

To give you a better idea of the contents, you may want to look at the images below. They are the Table-of-Contents, the List of Exercises, and a sample page of the text.

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Table of Contents Table of Contents

Table of Contents Table of Contents

Table of Contents List of Exercises

Text Sample

Happy glazing!