Where to Buy My Ceramics

Although I do not sell any of my ceramics on this site, there are a few places you can see and purchase them.

Craft Shows

I do several craft shows each year, primarily in California and Arizona. I always have a good selection of shapes and colors for you to choose from.

To see a list of my current shows, go HERE. (If you are on my e-mail list and live within about 50 miles of a show, I will send you a notice about a week before the show.)

The Southern California Renaissance Faire

This is a major entertainment event, held once a year. I have been showing there since 2000. As I always have a rather large booth, I am able to display lots more than at a craft show. For more information, go HERE.

My annual Pre-Holiday and Holiday Sales

These are held every November and December in Laguna Beach, CA. I display hundreds of itmes here -- my largest show. If you are on my mailing list and live within about 100 miles, I'll send you announcements of these shows.

My Etsy Store

I try to always have at least 50 items in my Etsy store. The only disadvantage of buying here rather than at a show, is that photographs really do not do justice to crystalline glazes. The 3-D and motion effects of the glaze (called optical activity) cannot be seen in a photo. But if you've seen them in person before, the photographs will give you a good feeling of what the piece looks like.

To visit my Etsy store, click HERE.

Stores and Galleries

There are several stores that carry my work. They usully do not have many pieces on display, but they carry my best-selling items. And, of course, you get to see the piece in person before buying it.

For a list of the stores and galleries selling my ceramics, go HERE.