Welcome to my website

Here you will find lots of informtion about crystalline glazes -- the only glaze I've used since 1989. (This is such an exciting glaze that I can't imagine ever using any other.)

If you are not familiar with this unusual glaze, you might want to start HERE where you will get a quick introduction to it. If you are curious about the actual crystals that grow in the glaze (willimite) HERE is a brief description.

I talk about my experience with the glaze HERE.

Some of my recent pieces are shown HERE.

I have written a book detailing how to create crystalline-glazed ceramics. It is described HERE. And the companion DVD is described HERE.

I do not sell anything on this site. However, there are several places where you can buy them. I describe those places HERE. They include SHOWS, STORES , and my ETSY site.

If you would like to receive notices of what shows I will be doing near you (in California and Arizona), you can sign up on my E-MAIL LIST . I sometimes also send out e-mails offering discounts on purchases from Etsy.

For further information you may contact me at

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