In addition to the book, I have made a 45-minute video, The Video Companion to The Art of Crystalline Glazing

DVD cover

The video shows me performing the first 16 of the Exercises described in the book. Those Exercises show the fundamental techniques you need to develop in your quest for beautiful crystals. It also shows many more examples of crystalline glazes.

It is called a companion video because, although it clearly shows how to do the exercises, the book contains a large amount of additional information that you will need in order to produce a crystalline glaze.

This video is intended for the potter who likes to see how things are done in addition to reading how to do them, as well as for the those who would like an overview or better understanding of the crystalline-glazing process.

Please note that this is not a professionally made item. I made it myself.

The retail price of the DVD is $29.95. If you would like to purchase one, either go to your favorite ceramic supplier or you may order from my Esty shop, where I sell it at a discount.